This is my photographic blog. It started as a diary of my sabbatical, but is now evolving to be my visual web space. Enjoy.


I began this blog in May, 2012 as a mean to record my first more serious experience in lifestyle design, or, simply put – taking a mini-retirement of 6 months at the (not that tender) age of 29. Being a marketeer for a big multinational, with loads and heaps and bunches and punches of work I felt I am growing restless – mostly because I wasn’t fully in the lifestyle I believed I needed. I wanted to do something a little more free, more soulful.

I had discovered a cool opportunity for people who want to take “time credit” two years ago, when a good friend took 8 months off, and survived thriving with almost no savings for all that time (I do call her “the girl with the big balls”, as she always find the odd way in (or out)) and decided this could be a great way to get feedback about myself by myself.
You know, to grow some balls, save some money and go on to see if I’ll find joy in doing more creative things, to challenge to idea of safety and even – to see if I can save up enough for a big trip (I’ve always been a Big Big spender (can’t claim this was written for me, but anyways it always makes me smile:

That’s why one day, inspired by people around me, reading stuff like “The 4-hr workweek” and Vagabonding, and watching great people like Stefan Sagmeister talk about the power of time off, I decided I had to try it. And so far, I love that decision (I know, early to say, but I’ll keep you posted.)

My blog will continue to evolve as my experiences unravel before me. And I with it. I’ll continue to diversify my sources of both inspiration and expression – and I’ll try to keep it all here, on my blog, to probably my most intimate form of expression. Now I think of it as my photographic blog, and I will keep on posting my photography work, a passion which started long ago, but was developed during the months of my sabbatical.

Welcome to Gerganara. I hope you get interested, inspired, and that this is a conversation!


2 Responses to “About”

  1. Peter Sokol

    Hi Gergana!

    Cool! Enjoy it.

    Greetings from Cyprus,


    PS: We have moved here recently.


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