This is my photographic blog. It started as a diary of my sabbatical, but is now evolving to be my visual web space. Enjoy.

Landry&Stephanie: My First Pregnant Couple Shoot

I was a bit nervous for this shoot, because it’s the first time I had to pose two people at the same time, and manage the energy, and connection not only between them and myself, but also between the two of them. Plus, women have a very specific patience when it comes to these kind of processes, and men are simply more impatient. I guess it’s because we’re used to spending hours in make-up putting, dressing and changing clothes, hair salons, doing our nails, and all kinds of similar lengthy, but necessary procedures. Only challenges make us learn though, and I think I did well, as they are happy with the result and I delivered a product they are happy to share with their families.

And at the end, it’s the big picture – this is a love story – and one chapter of it is becoming parents, and I am proud I was able to stop time and give them memories of that specific moment – when you’re expecting, the thrill, the fears, the excitement, the responsibility, I can only imagine what a milestone that is in their lives.
These are just some of the best shots, and I hope you enjoy looking at them as much as I enjoyed shooting them! (click on the gallery in the beginning of the post to see them in proper size)



2 Responses to “Landry&Stephanie: My First Pregnant Couple Shoot”

  1. Gary Smith

    Hi Gergana, what are you are up to now? what are your plans?


    Celebrating ten years of being Curious

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    Not your email? Press the delete button now. Cheers.

  2. Dani

    Félicitations à Landry et Stephanie pour le petit bébé!


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