Photo Recipe: How to Make Pumpkin Banitsa

IMG_0089I am back home for a couple of days, and enjoying family life, including cooking with grandma, looking at South African art with my dad (because since he’s a pensioner he has more time on his hands to be creative), going to the movies with sis, and picking up mom from work. And today, I got my granny to show me how to make her signature “banitsa” – typical Bulgarian deliciousness made of thin pastry leafs and all kinds of stuffing. I took pictures, so I remember better what steps to take, and decided to share here, please send me a piece if you make one!

Step 1: Find a cute cute granny to help you – the cuter the better (no, it’s really simple, I just had to show her off, coz she’s the cuteness):IMG_0080

Step 2: Gather your ingredients – pastry leafs, 1/4 grated pumpkin, cinnamon, a cup of walnuts, sugar, and sunflower oil IMG_0029

Step 3: Take one pastry leaf, brush a very light layer of oil on top of it, and attach a second leaf on top, again covering with couple of brushes of oil with a pastry brush IMG_0068

Step 4: Crush the walnuts with a chopper or roll over them with a beer bottle.IMG_0037

Mix the sugar, some cinnamon and the crushed walnuts in a bowl.IMG_0046

Take some of the mixture and sprinkle it on the top leaf IMG_0051

Step 5: Sprinkle grated pumpkin around, precision is not important. Leave 2-3 cm un-sprinkled in one end – this will serve as a “glue stripe” once you roll the pastry leaf IMG_0058

Step 6: Roll the pastry leaf from one side to the other – make the roll relatively tight, leave the “seam” in the bottom IMG_0083

Step 7: Continue the process above till the pastry leafs have been rolled. Then butter the bottom of a round baking pan, and start building a spiral from the center out, till pan is full IMG_0087

Step 8: Sprinkle the top with the rest of sugar mixture, to create a caramelized crust, and bake in the over for 30-40 min at 170 degrees. Done and delicious. IMG_0091


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