My Purple Suitcase

Shhhhhh – I have a secret to tell – I am a luggage-packing freak. I spend hours in planning, and even more in packing, making sure all the pieces of the puzzle fit together. And although I am a seasoned traveler, the only time I broke in tears during a trip was connected to my luggage – a rude US customs officer decided that it’s too suspicious for a young girl to be coming back from Costa Rica alone, opened my luggage, frantically taking all my items apart, basically ruining the hours I had spent in careful planning and packing (not to mention he punched holes through my bags, in search of cocaine-filled seams).

Have been thinking today – the worse thing about maturing (I am officially 30 now) is … you start to be ok with yourself. So I was totally ok to spend my last two days in NY packing, essentially wasting time, allowing my inner OCD-ridden person to unleash – who says perfection is perfect? From what kind of weight I can afford or carry, through types of activities I’ll do, to matching outfits and bags – deciding what to take takes time. But on top of that, I am also anal about everything to be ordered perfectly in my suitcase – and by perfectly I mean efficiently, no waste of space, no movement inside due to handling, everything brakable to be protected, no spills, and least amount of wrinkled clothes.

I make lists for ultimate effieciency, I separate carry-on from check-in items (main criterion being what can I live without if my luggage gets lost), I email myself pictures in case of insurance claim need, and I make sure I have everything in with me to travel in ultimate comfort – puffy travel warm slippers, warm blanket (I am always cold on inter-continental flights), sleeping mask, ear plugs, inflatable pillow, mp3 player, Kindle, laptop pre-charged with photographic blogs, earphones and a book, plus refresh items – cosmetics, wet wipes, one change of clothes (in case), and stuff i cannot lose – camera, essential medicines, and jewellry.

My purple suitcase is now officially full – as I am taking off to Vina del Mar, Chile to do a two-month education project, taking with me loads of Bulgarian food to prepare for the Global Village event we’ll have with the Chilean children – and share part of my culture. Wish him (and me) luck!



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