10 Weeks Of Photographic Summer

My last photography class was yesterday. I got pretty reminescent after it finished and stayed quiet and thinking for the whole evening.

Today Mladen asked me “So, did you learn anything?”. Hmmm, did I? Not only I learnt about how to use my dslr camera, but my teacher also managed to get me inspired, thinking, critical about my own work, and seeing different points of view of what’s valuable in the photographers’ point of view.

My teacher was Matthew Baum (check his work here) with Carly Gaebe as teaching assistant (work here) and I was spending 5 hours each Tuesday afternoon with both of them and 9 other people at the School of Visual Arts building on 23rd. Matt himself has trained as architect – which transfers in what he likes about art – clean, finished lines, geometry and patterns, multiple layers of meaning (and why he was scorching me for cutting off a foot or two off my photographs).

I have rarely seen someone that teaches total newbees and still treats their work with total respect and takes them and his work seriously. And he has chosen to be a teacher, so he can do his photography without compromise – rarely having to work on commercial projects.
Here’s what got me thinking this summer, one for each week of photo training, do you agree/disagree?

“Art makes questions, design makes solutions.” – John Maeda

“Actually, I’m not all that interested in the subject of photography. Once the picture is in the box, I’m not all that interested in what happens next. Hunters, after all, aren’t cooks.” – Henri Cartier-Bresson

“The most difficult thing for me is a portrait. You have to try and put your camera between the skin of a person and his shirt.” – Henri Cartier-Bresson

“Collecting pictures of objects is different than making photographs” – Matthew Baum

“What is the low-tech version of social media? The coffee table” – Ethan Marcotte

“The most interesting to shoot is the moment after the movement, the silence after the speech” – Joseph Koudelka

“Shoot a place in a way that tells you what it feels like to be there, not what it looks like” – Matthew Baum

“A portrait is also a picture between the relationship between the photographer and the subject” – Matthew Baum

“Art is a lie that tells a greater truth” – Picasso

“A great photo only happens when you the eye, mind and heart are all in one line” – Henri Cartier-Bresson




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