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Are You a Bride-To-Be?

A good friend of mine wrote me to ask for advice on bridal make-up artists. She’s getting married soon and living in a country where people rarely wear make-up, and therefore a tough market to find a good MUA (make-up artist) for your event. I wrote to her the following advice, which could be useful if you’re in a similar situation:

Rule N1: Do not look for make-up artists in beauty salons – there are exceptions, however, it’s more a matter of luck to get a good one there. To be honest, usually the salon “multitask” – every hairdresser says they can do make-up, and the results might make you want to claw out your own face. Your best bet is to ask photographers or other brides for freelance make-up artists. Because they have worked with photographers, these guys also know what looks good – face angles, light specifics – daylight/flash etc.
Rule N2: Prepare your vision – it’ll be better if you give your MUA couple of pictures of bridal looks/make-up you like – that way you’re helping them understand your vision. You can look on bridal blogs (there are many), or pinterest -> find 5-6 photos you like (not too many), show them to your MUA and tell her WHY you like them. Do not expect your makeup to look the same – it wouldnt make sense because you have specific face, skin and features.
Rule N3: All brides want natural-looking make-up, and they wonder what products will give them the desired result. Well, the truth is – the products don’t matter that much – the technique does – I can do very heavy or very light makeup with one and the same set of products. However, what you should really care about is how long-lasting your make-up will be. This is the most important thing when it comes to bridal (and your MUA’s skills) – you need to use products which help your look to stay fresh all day and night long. Of course you can retouch and freshen-up during the day, but you should count it having to last at least from 9 a.m. till 4 p.m. -> and all that through sweat and tears (potentially). If you have a good MUA they will advise you or decide what products to use. But here are some pointers:
– VIP (very important product): Primers – You need two types – one for skin/face, and one for eyes/eyeshadow. Good face primer hides pores and wrinkles, and can make your skin more illuminating or more matt if you have an oily skin. The eyeshadow primer makes eyeshadow last much longer, prevents creasing and allows better color show-through.
– good foundation – as a rule – you can go slightly heavier in the morning of the marriage – the make-up will “melt” a little bit during the day, and start sitting more naturally. You can add translusent powder to mattify (it looks better on pics), and keep foundation longer. I do not like using colored pouders – in my view they are too heavy, but that’s a personal preference.
– use a pencil to color your lips, and lipstick or gloss on top – that way the color will last longer, butyour lips still look juicy.
– do not skip the blush – there’s nothing looking more happy and healthy than a bit of rosy tint on your cheeks. If you need to put bronzer, there’s a different role for it – it can help sculpt your face, and add a healthy glow.
Rule N4: Make a test session, and ask her to offer two looks – not just one – and always always take pictures with the make-up in different light – go out on the balcony for day light, and use flash inside to see how it looks, also take shots front and side. Do your hair in a similar way as it’ll be suring the wedding (up/asymetrical/down). For example, you can ask for two color schemes, or a lighter and heavier version (still within your acceptable range)
Rule N5: Have some products with you to refresh your make-up during the wedding. Most important to have in your bag – mirror, powder and brush, lipstick and/or lip gloss, maybe eyeshadow quadro to make your look more intensive in the evening. You can also ask your bridesmades to carry these for you and help you with your make-up, just give the products to the one that will stay with you all the time.
If you need to find a good MUA:
1. Ask friends who have been to weddings recently, or had thair own – let them reco someone.
2. Google search photographers and write them emails if they could recommend a make-up artist contact (in case your own photographer doesn’t have one already).
3. Do you have any friends who do arts – actors, singers, models? If yes – ask them.
I hope this helps, if you’re thinking of your special day, and if you need more advice – write me, I’ll work with you in more detail and reco more specific products. And don’t ask me what I’ll do when I get married – most probably I’ll ship a MUA friend from Bulgaria, as I find it hard to trust random people, just as you do probably.
P.S. Yes, that’s me being so excited about the bouquet in the pic – I didn’t get it, but that’s probably a good thing, since in Bulgaria “to hug the bouquet” means to pass away :-)

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