This is my photographic blog. It started as a diary of my sabbatical, but is now evolving to be my visual web space. Enjoy.

My (Very Busy) Agenda

These days I am listening to a great song, and on top that the melody is fun, it also corresponds to my feelings of happiness with … not doing much. If you know spanish you’ll laugh hard, if you don’t – read further, I explain it anyways.

For these three months I am the queen of my time, and in my agenda currently there is no “have to”s, only “want to”s, I feel so blessed to be able to do that. Of course, once I start my volunteering, it’ll be “back to work”, but for now – I am enjoying winding down. I am busy every evening, so I rarely come home before midnight (don’t ask – it’s scary in Bronx), but I am free during my days, and have a choice of what to (and not to) do.

My fixed schedule involves: Mondays РBaila Society partnerwork class of 1.5 hrs + 3.5 hrs to get there and back (North of Bronx to Lower Manhattan). Tuesday Рmy busiest day Р5 hr photography course + lady styling and partnerwork class (2.5 hrs) @ Yamulee. Wednsday Рthree hour storytelling class. Thursday Р2.5 hrs shines class with Eddie Torress. Friday РBaila society again, Saturday Р3 hrs of salsa and cha-cha, and sunday Рa spinning class with Frankie Martinez.

In the rest of the time – I read, liten to music, watch silly series, shop, walk around, take photos, go to salsa parties, yoga, meditation, or volunteer. I did volunteering at a creative conference (amazing), and now I will volunteer at the biggest art festival in NY – Fringe. Volunteering allows me to go to free (for me) events – dance performances, art, concerts, lectures. It’s a great way to trade your time for inspiration and enrichment on a tight budget.

So why don’t you look for a cool event to help out with and get free attendance in your city? I am sure this is doable also during an evening or two or weekend day. Help your yoga teacher with cleanup and get a free class, or offer to take a shift at the neighbourhood bar, for free cocktails, or teach an italian friend how to take a good picture, and ask for a pasta-making lesson as a payoff, the sky (actually, your imagination) is the limit!


2 Responses to “My (Very Busy) Agenda”

  1. Sandra

    Amazing my dear :) Happy you are enjoying that way ur time off work :) That’s exactly how you wanted it :) Now, continue enriching urself.. having fun.. and lifting ur spirit..
    Sandra :)

    PS: I love that song :) jajajajajajaj for me is SUUUUUPER funny :)
    PS2: Have you already chosen the country? If more help is needed.. let me know :)

    • gerganara

      Thank you dear, I am having rest, and fun, love the flexibility. I knew the song will be sooo funny for people that understand it – I am still smiling when i hear it.
      As for the country – I applied for Colombia, and couple of others, and I am now interviewing with them, it’ll be soon, but I don;t know yet where. :-)


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