Are you a visual person? Follow me on Pinterest

A profoundly smart guy that I met, after couple of mails exchanges, told me – “You should go on Pinterest, I think you’ll like this site”. And it was love from first sight (with the website, not the guy). Pinterest is a virtual pinning board – like the one you have in the office for notes and memos, only it’s online, personal, and you can pin pics and quotes, and whatever you want. You can have as many boards as you like, in any topic you want, and also see what other people are “pinning”.

One can use this as a personal vision board, or just as a folder to gather thoughts, stimulus and cool pics, all seen at a glance. You can take a picture from any website (except Facebook, they don’t get along well) and pin it to your boards. Fashion, photography, jewellry, make-up, places to visit, workout tips – you can find anything, and the better quality of people you “follow”, the better visual stimulus you’ll encounter every time you load the page.

So enough about it – follow me if you like, or have a look at my boards if you’re curious, you can see my vision for what I find visually appealing, the kind of styles I like, and thoughts that get me inspired.


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