The Master Plan // HVI

I am writing this sitting in my bedroom at a friend’s house in Bronx, NY, on a very hot night. I have already been here for a bit more than two weeks, and things are starting to normalize – I know my way around the grid system of Manhattan;  am not living out of a suitcase (if you know me u’ll know that is stressful for me); i survived the jet lag, and the heatwave that hit the city couple of days ago. I have also stopped screaming at the rats and cockroaches running around. I realised though, that I did not yet write about my plans for this sabbatical – the game plan, or shall I call it “HVI” (at work, we used to call our brand position essence a “high-value idea”)?

I have 7 months in total – 6 months official leave and 1 month of vacations that I took before the 6. I decided to split the time as follows:

1 month in Bulgaria – spending time with family and friends, getting energy from my roots. Had an absolutely amazing time, spend wisely with my closest people. Out of this I spent 5 days in Venice with my mom and granny – read about it in a previous post

3 months in New York – the greatest city of them all, where I am taking intensive salsa lessons (I know, it doesn’t sound serious, but I’ll change your mind in another post), learning to take pictures with a DSLR, and to tell entertaining stories in a cool course I signed up for, amongs other stuff like going to museums, art events, concerts and baseball games, and hunting for fireflies too

3 months in Latin America – I love Latin culture (most of it), love speaking spanish, love the weather and the great nature they’ve got, and also – I’d like to do something to connect me back to the feeling of having a higher purpose and helping – so I will spend couple of months working on a social project there. I have not signed a contract yet, but it’s very likely to go to either Peru or Colombia, where they have a bunch of enterpreneurship/education projects I am interested in

What would you do if you took a sabatical?


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