This is my photographic blog. It started as a diary of my sabbatical, but is now evolving to be my visual web space. Enjoy.

What Stalin Said

Stalin said: “Your first blog post should be about your blog name” (before you decide this blog is somewhere between a political statement and halucination, let me say that Stalin is the name of a wonderful guy at work, not the soviet bolshevik.)

He said that because I had asked him and a bunch of other colleagues to brainstorm a name for this blog. //history bite: my team is an amazing bunch of people, who actually purchased this blog for me and gave it to me as a present at my “see u later” party – but more about them – in another post//

Though Stalin is not a tyrant, I decided to follow his word, and to do post about the fun names we thought of.

My team had the best ideas, one of which is the actual name. We had names like:

  • inspired lobster (my last big project at work was a product range called Inspiration, and we had a bunch of fake lobsters lying around from a food sample request);
  • midalidary (it sounds pretty);
  • four lenses (because this is a photographic blog);
  • lingerryng (so romantic);
  • the girl with one pearl earring (i do wear pearl earrings, usually two though);
  • divalavida (which a bit too burlesque-charged, though fun);
  • me, you, camera (one of the finalists, as I love shooting (camera that is) people) and
  • gerrybeams (which sounds like jelly beans);
  • shutter duffel (implying travelling and camera, and well-sounding) and
  • Blue lash suitcase (as one of my side activities is make up artistry).

At the end, I called the blog “gerganara“, because it sounds lovely, all this rolling R’s…, and also it’s stripped out of any meaning, I felt too much of expectation would confine me.

So, there it is, Stalin, gerganara was born!


3 Responses to “What Stalin Said”

  1. four summers

    I surprised you already forgot where I come from! I am from Tamil nadu, but answering Linus’s question, I am from the eastern side of the western ghats just on the border of Tamil Nadu and Kerala. (Stalin)


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